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Right forecast and guidance given. Highly recommended. I am pretty sure if you have any issue in life or want to know something about, without any further doubt or question, you should call him up and consult him. We thank you Aradhye ji for providing us with guidance and your valuable time


Guruji is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. The kundali reading and guidance given is accurate and very helpful. They also do various poojas with complete explanations on rituals. They are highly recommended.

Anushree Mane

I have opted for Satyanarayana Puja from Aradhye Guruji.He is not only knowledgeable but he educates the people about relegious concepts behind the puja. We are very much happy with the services provided. Thank you Aradhye Guruji..

Tushar Jadhav

He is a very knowledgeable and dedicated person. He explains the entire ritual he performs in a scientific way. The arrangement of the Satya Narayan pooja with beautiful flower decoration was divine He is a perfect spiritual friend for those who want to understand and perform the .rituals scientifically rather than blindly following the procedures told by the Guruji.

Deepti Kulkarni

Samiha's Cakes

We are very satisfied with the work and Pooja performed by talented Aradhye guruji. The explanation of each ritual was scientific and convincing. Sahitya used and decoration made was excellent. I recommend Aradhye guruji for all kinds of poojas

Abhijeet Deshpande

We had a very satisfying puja performed by Aradhye Guruji..The puja service was rendered beautifully with flower decorations which made the Pooja place look Serene and divine..Guruji explained the rituals well for better understanding.. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Indrani Vaze


Kavita Shah